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Consultation & Parenting Plans

Consultation services help clients explore alternatives to resolving their conflicts, including definition and clarification of issues, increased appreciation for various process options, and discussion of potential process outcomes. Depending upon your relationship and perspective, you may elect from several process paths toward resolution. It is best that you understand these options, or combination of options, so you can make the best choice for you and your family. I describe parenting plans below and other options in their tabbed sections in this website. They include: Therapy (individual, couple, or family) Collaborative Divorce (a team-based alternative dispute resolution process), Mediation (a sole or co-mediated alternative dispute resolution process), Parent Coordination and ongoing Parent Consultation.

Parenting Plans

In building a co-parenting plan and schedule of access to the children that best meets your children’s needs and that you can both live with, I provide a proven process, facilitation and guidance, education and advice when desired. We will consider your specific circumstances, interests, values, and concerns, then explore options, then make decisions that will be combined into a healthy, well-integrated and workable plan. This parenting planning is an out-of-Court process that can result in a product you may elect to have reviewed and filed with the Court.

These services will help you understand the impact that the access plan may have on your children and aid you in developing age appropriate ways of explaining the family situation to the children. We may determine that decision-making would be improved with a deeper understanding of the children’s needs (e.g. special needs, troubled behaviors) or the children’s “voices” brought independently to the process, and I may recommend a child specialist’s involvement. I will remain neutral to assist parents in dealing with access issues. After your parenting plan is completed, I will make myself available to you to promote effective implementation, maintenance and modification of your plan to best meet any changing needs of your children and yourselves. This may include helping you resolve differences, improve communications, reduce conflict, and advise on co-parenting skills as your children grow and adjust to the changes in your family structure and life.

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