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Parent Coordination
Parent Coordination

Studies show the number one detriment to children’s healthy psychological and social development and academic performance is the level of conflict experienced in their home (between their models – parents and care providers). It is in children’s best interests that parents do not engage in unresolved conflict.  To that end parents can utilize Parent Coordination to resolve disagreements when ‘working it out on their own’ doesn’t work.

As the Parent Coordinator, David may provide education about child development and communication, coach better communication between parents/care providers and with the child(ren), and may refer family members to other professionals as indicated.

Clients agree to work with the Parent Coordinator to resolve issues in a mutually satisfactory manner between themselves whenever possible.  If any issue cannot be resolved between them, then the Parenting Coordinator will hear from each party and any third party who the Parent Coordinator believes can be helpful in performing that role.  These third parties may include, but may not be limited to, the child(ren), teachers, medical/mental health care providers, caregivers, attorneys, or any parties who, in the Parent Coordinator’s opinion, might be helpful to decision-making processes.  Necessary authorizations for the release of requested information must be signed.

If the Parenting Coordinator determines that the decision under consideration cannot be made without consultation with a newly appointed additional professional (i.e. testing psychologist or educational consultant), a recommendation will not be rendered without agreement to hire and work with said professional.

Parents agree to give great weight to any recommendations made by the Parent Coordinator. And, in the case of court appointed Parent Coordination, the Parent Coordinator is endowed with “tie-break” authority:  Any decision the Parent Coordinator makes regarding a disputed issue will be binding unless it is overturned by the court.

Disputes for Parenting Coordinator resolution may include:
Any disputes about parenting time, including but not limited to changes in the regular schedule, parental access for           special occasions, holidays, or vacations
Any disputes regarding the child(ren)’s activities or schooling
Any disputes related to the child(ren)’s medical/mental health issues
Any other substantive child-related matter upon which parents cannot agree
NOTE: the Parenting Coordinator cannot recommend changes in the percentage of time that the child(ren) spend             with each parent, nor regarding the fundamental status of custody.

Appointments or telephone contacts with the Parenting Coordinator may be scheduled at the request of either party or the Parenting Coordinator.  All parties agree to make a good faith effort to be available when contacts are requested.

Since the appointment of a Parent Coordinator is either court ordered, recommended by a guardian ad litem, or a stipulation between the couple, the process is not confidential.  Memos to the court and attorneys may be sent by your Parent Coordinator, if requested or if an impasse is reached.  Additionally, either party may subpoena the Parent Coordinator to appear in court.

As your Parenting Coordinator, I may establish new rules and guidelines to fit your unique situation and relationship. The fundamental principles governing all rules and guidelines are 1) minimization of conflict and 2) decision-making in the best interests of the child(ren).

David’s contact email for Parent Coordination is DavidTysonPC@gmail.com

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